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Many Floridians have questions about new laws regarding medical Marijuana. Here are some of the basics around these new regulations.

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New Laws

The new law allowing for medical marijuana is the culmination of years of work by activists, but the results of that work are still ongoing. The Department of Health has managed to miss meeting every major deadline so far regarding creating and implementing rules. There have also been other serious delays, including long wait times for cards for patients in the state registry. In order to qualify for the protections of the state medical marijuana program, people must pay a $75 state fee and submit an application that includes a prescription from a doctor. Patients must obtain a prescription from doctors who have special state certifications. An appointment can cost between $150 to $250 for the visit.


There's no question that Florida's law has taken a long time to implement. There are many people who could qualify for the program who can't afford the expenses involved. Those who qualify may want to grow their own marijuana to keep costs low, but that is a violation of the law as well. Anyone who wants to participate in the medical marijuana program should carefully review the law and ensure that they will comply with the terms of the law at all times. Those caught without their registry card, those who buy from unregulated sources, those who smoke marijuana and those who grow their own marijuana could all still face very serious criminal penalties under Florida law.

Drug Defense Attorney West Palm Beach

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