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Disorderly Conduct


West Palm Beach Disorderly Conduct Attorney David W. Olson

Law enforcement uses the disorderly conduct charge in a wide variety of situations to cover a broad range of conduct. A conviction for disorderly conduct – a second degree misdemeanor – can potentially result in 60 days in jail and/or a $500 fine.

If you were arrested for and charged with disorderly conduct, it is advisable to retain the legal services of a highly experienced and effective criminal defense attorney who will fight to have your charges dismissed or otherwise favorably resolved. West Palm Beach Crimes Attorney David Olson offers a free consultation to discuss your case.

The Florida Disorderly Conduct Statute

Florida Statute 877.03, Disorderly Conduct, reads as follows:

Breach of the peace; disorderly conduct.—Whoever commits such acts as are of a nature to corrupt the public morals, or outrage the sense of public decency, or affect the peace and quiet of persons who may witness them, or engages in brawling or fighting, or engages in such conduct as to constitute a breach of the peace or disorderly conduct, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor of the second degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082 or s. 775.083.

Understanding and Defending Against Disorderly Conduct Charges

In order for the accused to be found guilty of disorderly conduct, the prosecution will have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the accused behaved in a manner that:

  • Corrupted the public morals, or
  • Outraged the sense of public decency, or
  • Affected the peace and quiet of others, or
  • Engaged in fighting, or
  • Breached the peace or engaged in disorderly conduct

Disorderly conduct charges have been based upon public disturbances, fighting, brawling, shouting, arguing, shoving, protesting, engaging in expressive conduct, demonstrating, disrupting traffic, playing music loudly, dancing in the streets and generally anything that disturbs the peace.

This extremely broad statute is used by law enforcement to control the conduct of the public. Because the statute is extremely far-reaching and necessarily subject to the officer’s interpretation of the conduct that gave rise to the offense, your attorney may choose to argue that your conduct did not corrupt the public morals or outrage the sense of public decency, or engage in conduct that violated any other aspects of the statute.

As well, disorderly conduct charges are often challenged on grounds that the accused’s rights to free speech and other constitutional rights were violated. Discuss your case with Attorney Olson.

Possible Effects of a Misdemeanor

It is not uncommon for individuals to disregard or underestimate the potential harm that can result from a misdemeanor conviction, which may include the following:

  • $500 fine, and/or
  • 6 months jail
  • Permanent criminal record – public record
  • May affect future employment opportunities
  • May affect professional licensure
  • May affect scholastic loans and college admission
  • May affect lending and housing opportunities
  • Other

Attorney David W. Olson, West Palm Beach Disorderly Conduct and Criminal Defense Lawyer

Attorney Olson has represented thousands of clients over a period of more than 30 years, including those charged with disorderly conduct, disorderly intoxication, DUI, drug charges, assault, domestic violence, sex offenses,  lewd and lascivious behavior, violation of probation, and other serious felonies and misdemeanors.

Attorney Olson is the recipient of numerous accolades and awards, including:

Client Review:

  • “David Olson has represented me on two occasions. I have since referred two of my friends and my nephew to him, and they have all told me they’ll always be grateful for that. Mr. Olson somehow had the charges dropped in both of my cases(actually I do not know how, because he and his staff answered all my questions and explained in detail things that I never would have thought of). I attended all of my court hearings, and was always impressed with his presentations and the obvious respect shown him by other attorneys and the judges.”

Attorney Olson will give you the personalized attention and time that you need and deserve. He is accessible to his clients, answers your questions, keeps you apprised of the progress of your case and responds promptly to your phone calls and emails. He is the lawyer you want by your side in a difficult situation.

Attorney Olson represents clients in West Palm Beach, Palm Beach County, Broward County, Fort Lauderdale, Miami-Dade County, Delray Beach, Coral Springs, Pompano Beach and throughout the state. For a free case review, contact The Law Offices of David W. Olson at 561-833-8866.

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