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Like other defense lawyers, David W. Olson boasts an impressive education. He has been recognized time and again by his peers as a top criminal attorney, including Martindale-Hubbell, National Trial Lawyers, and the National Association of Distinguished Counsel. When looking for a defense attorney to represent you, it is nice to know that he or she is viewed in a positive light by the legal world.

But there is something Mr. Olson believes is far more important: how he is viewed by his actual clients. That is why he is so proud to share testimonials from many of the people he has been lucky enough to represent over the years. They tell you what it is really like to work with him and how hard he pushes to make sure that every single one of his clients gets the best possible outcome in their case.

If you want to have an experience like the one these people write about, get in touch with David W. Olson today. After filling out our simple case review form, simply call our office at 561-833-8866 or email Mr. Olson directly at David@docriminaldefense.com. Your future is worth it.

Kathy @ 12/08/2017 01:56

"Mr Olson and staff were very helpful, he understood very well what I was going through and provided me with the profesional help I needed it. Also took his time to explain step by step the progress in my case and what else was expected. Answered all my questions and was available at any moment. I can’t express enough my gratitude. Defenitely recomend Mr Olson and law firm Simply the best."


Better call Saul? More like, BETTER CALL OLSON!

“David W. Olson is the best lawyer I have come across. He truly will sit and listen to your story and no matter what he will fight for your rights. He is very compassionate, and understanding. He will work with you and does his job with a good heart. Mr. Olson truly has saved my life and gave me a second chance. You wont go wrong with hiring David Olson as your attorney. I highly recommend him and I am proud to have chosen him as my attorney.”


Found the Best!

“David Olson has represented me on two occasions. I have since referred two of my friends and my nephew to him, and they have all told me they’ll always be grateful for that. Mr. Olson somehow had the charges dropped in both of my cases (actually, I do know how, because he and his staff answered all my questions and explained in detail things that I never would have thought of).

I attended all of my court hearings, and was always impressed with his presentations and the obvious respect shown him by other attorneys and the judges."


Best of the Best

“I highly recommend David Olson. I never would have imagined needing a criminal defense lawyer, but when I did I sought the guidance of a retired judge, who sent me to him. My life was at a crossroads, and if not for his efforts I’m sure I’d have gone the wrong way. His compassion and guidance caused me to maintain my successful status within both my profession and my family. I don’t expect to need a defense lawyer again, but, knowing I may, it’s comforting to know what David Olson would be there for me again.”

A Criminal Defense Client

Compassionate Attorney

“My husband and I hired Mr. Olson to represent our son a Florida gun shot victim. We are New Jersey residents. From day one we felt confortable with Mr. Olson and found him to be easy to talk to and a very good listener. This was important to us after our horrible experience with another attorney who was more concerned with hearing him self speak than our wishes.

We needed an attorney to be our eyes and ears, do the best possible job keeping us informed about the case, while keeping my son’s innocence protected. Mr. Olson did just that! Intercepting when needed, following up on every phone call, getting an answer to all our concerns. He and his assistant Jessica were always there for my family. They are a hard working, genuinely compassionate team that I would highly recommend."


Personable and Highly Intelligent!

"I saw David today to discuss some possible outcomes and possibilities of a probable future case. I did not know if I was going to be charged at all but I wanted to speak to someone to get a better idea of what I was looking at and what my options were. As soon as I shook his hand I felt very comfortable and respected. I laid it all out for him and asked him every last question I had, all of which were answered respectfully and intelligently. He is very clear in giving you the correct understanding of the situation and he was very well spoken.

I was advised, as is every potential client, not to speak to the police and to be polite and respectful in doing so. This amongst other key information and advice was given to me and as we spoke the relief started to set in. When I walked out I felt SO much more informed and was completely relieved to have spoken to him.

I have followed and kept in mind everything that was said to me and everything legal has been squashed since then, very blessed for that. Now i know most people are coming to him with an actual case already pending but I just wanted to let people know how intelligent, honorable, and understanding this attorney really is. That’s extremely rare if you haven’t already picked up on that.

MY advice: GO TALK TO HIM FIRST. Especially if you want to be taken seriously and treated with respect and dignity. I wasn't ONCE treated, even vaguely, like a criminal. Something to think about :). David definitely keeps things real which is what you want in an attorney."


The Best of the Best in Palm Beach County *Proven FACT*

I Have known David Olson for Over 20 yrs now and have had My rough times in my past And unfortunately I ended up in trouble with the law and really needed Help A REAL LAWYER That would Help and believe in Me and listen to My side of the story and really Fight My cases in Court for me And Get the BEST Results For My Cases …A very close friend said the Man for the Job IS David W Olson So I contacted Him & he came to Me The very next Day to hear Me out and I knew He was the Lawyer that would Do The best for me AND DID.

he was always a call away and kept me up to date with My cases and even Went to My Family to Meet & Keep them informed David IS the Lawyer that Cares about you and KNOWS THE LAW Inside & Out And WILL FIGHT & GET THE JOB DONE. A MAN OF HIS WORD. NO B S …HE IS A BIG REASON I am able to be here to write this review and honestly Say he IS THE BEST Lawyer In Palm Beach County Today…

If you Ever Need A real LAWYER THIS IS THE MAN YOU NEED ON YOUR SIDE… 12/7/2014 always remember you get what you pay for… *DAVID IS THE BEST*

chet b.

Protected My Family and I For Years!

“David and Jessica have always been there for my family and I. He has been responsive and genuine to truly giving the best advise and guidance with respect to the law on the decisions we should make. Kept me out of jail numerous times and I will forever be thankful. We had a few lawyers in the past but once we used David, we never needed another.”


Hearty Recommendation

“I hired Mr. Olson from recommendation by family member. He was immediately behind my situation and put me completely at ease. There were no false promises, very upfront as far as expectations and outcomes.

His assistant, Jessica was a joy to work with as well. They came to my house, interviewed witnesses, went above and beyond and always respond to my calls. I totally endorse this attorney."


David is the Best

"David did a very good job defending me. He never gave up and was always there for me if i had any questions about the case."


Most Honest Lawyer I Ever Met

"When I was arrested for cannabis cultivation David was there for me. He took a case that could have cost me years in prison, and made it so I spent no time in jail at all. His knowledge of the specific laws regarding cultivation, and the medical exceptions to the law was extensive. Even after the case was over he showed an interest in my welfare, and I now consider him a friend. God forbid you need his services, but if you do need a lawyer David is the one you should talk to."


Highly Recommend David

"I was referred to Mr. Olson by a friend whom he had represented. He was referred to me with great credentials. Upon contacting Mr. Olson, he was very responsive to my case inquiring about all details revolving the day of the incident. This was all done over the phone, upon which we set an appointment to meet in person.

Once we met Mr. Olson reassured me that he would help and explained how he works. He also did the back end investigating as far as location of incident, and comparing the legitimacy of the police reports to what I told him happened. We met frequently (every week and a half) and he always kept me notified to new information on the case.

On my court dates he was always prepared and for the most part there was always progress in the case after we left court. It was truly a blessing to have worked with Mr. Olson and I’m glad that I was referred to him. Mr. Olson was able to find the inconsistencies with the police reports and my account of what took place that day.

During the depositions with the officers Mr. Olson was able to show the state prosecutor these inconsistencies. Upon entering court later that week Mr. Olson persuaded the prosecution to totally drop all charges. Thank You so much Mr. Olson because that point in my life will never be forgotten and I thank you for helping me in my time of need. Your a gentlemen and a scholar. Thanks Again."


Great Lawyer

"David was a tireless advocate and given his experience, was able to focus on the key elements of my case. He is the best person you can have on your side!"

a client

You Couldn’t Find a Better Lawyer

"I have had the pleasure and good fortune of retaining Mr. Olson to defend me and cannot express in too many superlatives how thorough and attentive to my situation he was. My case was a very complicated and drawn out one but Mr. Olson was always there to discuss my thoughts and his strategies with me.

The result, I believe, was an outcome as good as anyone could have achieved. I would highly recommend Mr. Olson as a criminal attorney capable of expertly handling any case he might be presented with."

donald l.

Kind and Compassionate

"David is not only kind and compassionate, but also knowledgeable, hard working and trustworthy. He is a good listener and definitely spent quality time on me and my case. I felt like an important person to him and that is huge when you retain an attorney. I would recommend David to family, friends and anyone else seeking counsel."

boca lady

All Charges Dropped Thanks to Mr. Olson

"I hired David Olson to defend me in a situation that I found myself in last january of 2015. Being that it was my first time being in trouble with the law I was very nervous and afraid that this would effect me for the rest of my life.

I met Mr. Olson and I was immediately put at ease. He was honest, genuine, and very easy to talk to, and after a few months the charges against me were dropped. I couldn’t have asked for a better result!! You owe it to yourself to give him a shot."


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