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Facing criminal charges is a terrifying experience. If convicted, your life may change considerably – even beyond the possibility of serving time in prison and having to pay a huge fine. Consider the following consequences of a criminal conviction in Florida:

  • You will lose the right to own a firearm, with no chance of regaining this right

  • You may permanently lose the right to vote

  • You will not be able to get State of Florida financial aid to fund your education

  • The FBI will retain records of your offense – forever

If you are an EMT, a Certified Nursing Assistant, or in another profession that requires a professional license, you might have this license revoked, which could make it very difficult to find work. And regardless of the type of job you have, it is even possible that you could lose your driver’s license, making it hard to get to work at all.

Furthermore, if convicted of a federal crime, you will be ineligible to serve in the military, travel to some countries, or apply for many federal benefits (such as pensions or annuities). This could create severe problems for you and your family later in life.

Don’t lose your personal liberty or livelihood. When you work with the law offices of David W. Olson to fight for your rights, your constitutional rights are our first concern.

Why Hire a Committed Florida Criminal Lawyer Like David W. Olson?

David W. Olson has successfully represented criminal defense clients in Palm Beach County for over 30 years facing all kinds of charges. He believes that the highest possible praise is when clients recommend him to people they know who are in need of a strong defense. However, he has received recognition from a number of sources over the years.

Past clients have described Mr. Olson as “honest,” “personable and highly intelligent,” and the “best of the best.” Other lawyers have called him “experienced, super smart, and knowledgeable,” and “highly skilled.” See for yourself by checking out our testimonials.

Our philosophy guarantees that you will have effective, thorough, creative representation. David W. Olson will take every possible legal route to make sure that you get the best possible result. Your communication with us will always be confidential, so you can rest assure that we will never breach your trust in us.

To have the best possible chance of winning your case, you need a lawyer who is an experienced professional. Mr. Olson has worked tirelessly in West Palm Beach for decades, and will bring that depth of knowledge and local understanding to your case.

An Aggressive Palm Beach Defense Lawyer with Success Handling All Kinds of Charges

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