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"As someone from out of state, I was in the regrettable position of needing an attorney for a foolish DUI. During our initial conversations, David Olson demonstrated great local knowledge of how the system/process would work and what reasonable expectations and courses of action would be. All of this information was accurate. Throughout the whole process—which I found to be intimidating and disorienting—David was empathetic yet also pragmatic. He was always available and engaged and made a very scary process transparent and manageable. I would, without hesitation, recommend David’s representation."


You couldn't find a better Lawyer

"I have had the pleasure and good fortune of retaining Mr. Olson to defend me and cannot express in too many superlatives how thorough and attentive to my situation he was. My case was a very complicated and drawn out one but Mr. Olson was always there to discuss my thoughts and his strategies with me. The result, I believe, was an outcome as good as anyone could have achieved. I would highly recommend Mr. Olson as a criminal attorney capable of expertly handling any case he might be presented with."

Donald L

David is the best

David did a very good job defending me. He never gave up and was always there for me if i had any questions about the case.


A+ Lawyer. Amazing Service. Look no further.

I hired David after being arrested with for possession of marijuana which in my case was actually a felony. David was very easy to speak to and really wanted to learn about me and the case as opposed to some lawyers who have a quick chat and move on. David was genuine with his words and knew the system better than anyone else I had spoken with. I highly recommend him for anyone in need. We had an extremely positive outcome for my case and it could not have been done without David. He kept me updated every step of the way with what could happen and made me feel comfortable throughout the whole process. Thank you for everything David!


I HIGHLY recommend him!

I contacted David Olson on a situation where our son was charged with two felonies. From the very beginning David proved to be the best choice we could have ever made. He was courteous, informative, personable, insightful, and knowledgeable. He showed legitimate care for our son and the case. He is not only an expert in his field but is able to create relationships across the spectrum of people he comes in contact with; that means, in and outside of the court room. Thanks to his work - the felonies were dropped to misdemeanors, no jail time and no community service! I HIGHLY recommend David to anyone having to deal with criminal legal matters.He was an answer to our prayers!


Best criminal attorney in Palm Beach County

Best criminal attorney in Palm Beach County!! I was facing multiple felony charges that would’ve come with 11 years in prison and David got all of my Felonise dropped!!! No jail time, no probation and no community service. He will fight for you and do whatever it takes to resolve your case with the best possible outcome. He’s worth every penny!!!


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