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Can I Bring Weed on an International Cruise?

There are a few things to keep in mind if you plan to smoke marijuana or consume cannabis in any manner during your cruise holiday. The first item on the list would most likely be access to a reputable marijuana lawyer in West Palm Beach, FL.

Most notably, cruise ships are governed by the federal government. While smoking marijuana is permitted in some states and other countries, it is prohibited aboard cruise ships, so you probably wouldn't be able to get high on the high seas.  

Policies on Marijuana on Cruise Ships

Is it Legal to Bring Weed on a Cruise Ship?

It's crucial to understand the cruise line rules because breaking them can result in serious consequences, as countless cruise guests have learned the hard way.  

Cruise lines have the authority to inspect your cabin, kick you off the cruise, and hand you over to the local authorities for any offenses. You could then face fines and possibly jail time. Your cruise holiday will abruptly come to an end in a bad way.

Cannabis in any form is not permitted on cruise ships and is listed in the rules for numerous cruise lines. It makes no difference if you have a medical marijuana card or if medicinal marijuana is legal in Florida. On a cruise ship, you can't carry marijuana or edibles.

What Happens If I Get Caught Possessing Illegal Drugs and Substances?

It's difficult to predict what will happen if you're caught with an illegal drug like cannabis on a ship. This is because there are multiple sets of norms of law that apply on a cruise line, most of which are dependent on the location of the ship at the time of the violation.

However, small amounts of marijuana on the ship would almost certainly be confiscated. But it is important to know that the cruise line does have the final say. In the worst-case scenario, they may notify local authorities of the situation, forcing you to disembark at the next port.

Are You in Need of a Marijuana Lawyer in West Palm Beach?

You have the right to seek a competent drug attorney in West Palm Beach, FL if you have been arrested or detained under the law for possession of marijuana aboard any cruise ships. Please call the law offices of David Olsen if you require an expert attorney to handle such delicate circumstances.

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