Juvenile Crimes

Juvenile Crimes

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A juvenile is a legal term that applies to a person under the age of 18. In Florida, juvenile felonies and misdemeanors fall under the purview of the Department of Juvenile Justice. After a juvenile allegedly commits an offense, a decision is made whether to release the juvenile to his or her parents, to further detain the youth, or in some cases, to transfer the case to adult court. This is the start of what often turns into an exasperating nightmare for the youth, the parents and other concerned parties.


Protecting Your Child’s Freedom and Legal Rights


It is advisable to hire a highly experienced and knowledgeable juvenile lawyer to ensure that your child’s legal rights are fully protected. With 33 years of experience, West Palm criminal attorney David W. Olson is a seasoned juvenile defense attorney who will give you and your child the personalized attention that is needed to pursue the most favorable outcome possible.


Juvenile Offenses


There are many offenses that are common to juveniles, including, but not limited to, the following:



Diversion and Intervention Programs


The juvenile justice system differs considerably from the adult criminal justice system in that the focus is on rehabilitation, safety, prevention and treatment rather than punishment. With that in mind, various diversionary and intervention programs have been formulated to help reshape and guide the youthful offender to a more positive future.


An effective juvenile crimes attorney will first and foremost pursue the innocence of the alleged offender, seeking, whenever possible, a complete dismissal of all charges. In those cases where a dismissal Is not a viable option, the attorney may advocate alternative diversionary and/or prevention programs such as juvenile drug court, truancy arbitration, mentoring programs, counseling programs, peer and leadership programs, community service and other positive, results-oriented efforts instead of incarceration. He may pursue reduced charges and minimal penalties. The importance and effectiveness of a powerful advocate, the juvenile defense attorney, simply cannot be overstated.


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If your child was arrested for a juvenile matter it is critical to obtain vigorous and effective legal representation as soon as possible. You can discuss your child’s case in a complimentary consultation by contacting Attorney David W. Olson at 561-833-8866.