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Why Juvenile Crimes Spike During the Summer Months

Summer provides a much-need break from schoolwork and more free time for teenagers. During these months, most adolescents have less structure and supervision, and it is not the time to turn a blind eye to illegal activity. Although overall juvenile arrest rates and cases for a juvenile attorney in West Palm Beach are decreasing, the number of teenagers who get into legal trouble each summer remains high.

teen stealing who will need a Juvenile Attorney West Palm Beach

Why Crimes Spike During Summer

Commonly Committed Crimes

During the summer, according to researchers, there is a 35 percent increase in juvenile crimes. This increase can be attributed to several factors. During the summer, daylight hours are longer, allowing people to spend more time outside, which leads to more opportunities for misconduct.

Moreover, experts claim that higher temperatures play a role in the common crimes committed as a result of windows and doors being left open frequently.

The Pandemic Could Be a Factor

Not only does the summer contribute to an increase in crime, but research and data suggest that a global pandemic may as well. Many states in the United States have seen an increase in a variety of violent and property crimes. The study also found that the rate of gun assaults, along with car thefts and break-ins in 2020, was higher than in 2019 during the summer months of June through August. This is because teens are spending more time away from school and after-school activities.

teen stealing who will need a Juvenile Attorney West Palm Beach

Your Trusted Juvenile Attorney in West Palm Beach

Is your adolescent being held in custody or accused of a crime? A conviction could result in serious consequences, such as a permanent criminal record and the possibility of serving time in prison. As a result, you should contact a qualified criminal defense attorney as soon as possible to discuss your case. So, hire the best. If you need help, contact us at the law offices of David Olsen today.

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