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Why Is White-Collar Crime Worse Than Street Crime? 

There are various ways to classify criminal charges, but one of the most popular is by category, such as "violent/street crimes," also known as blue-collar crimes vs. white-collar crimes. In contrast to white-collar crime, which is primarily done discreetly via manipulation of data information, records, or assets, that necessitates a white-collar crime lawyer in West Palm Beach, the most prevalent definition of street crime argues that it frequently (although maybe not always) involves some amount or threat of violence in a public social setting.

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Difference Between Street Crime and White-Collar Crime

What Are the Effects and Consequences of White-Collar Crime?

Our economy is threatened and degraded by white-collar crime. It decreases income rates and causes businesses to lose a significant amount of money, and many people get away with it, making it more frequent and unsafe.   

When white-collar criminals are apprehended, they are typically transported to minimum security prisons since their crimes were non-violent.

What Are the Effects and Consequences of Blue-Collar Crime? 

The impact of street crime on society is significant. This can result in unemployment as well as imprisonment for the rest of their lives. Not only does the criminal's life and that of their family alter, but the victim's as well.

When street criminals are apprehended, they are transferred to a regular, small prison cell with higher security, which they usually share with others unless they require isolation.

White-collar crime has the potential to be considerably more severe than street crime. Even though street crime is far more violent than white-collar crime, white-collar crime has a more significant economic impact. Money has become a substantial concern in today's world, and with so many robberies and other forms of criminal activity, money is being lost at an alarming pace.

White Collar Crime Lawyer in West Palm Beach

Looking for a White-Collar Crime Lawyer in West Palm Beach?

You don't need to know the difference between white-collar and street crime to realize you need a criminal defense attorney on your side. David Olson Law Firm can assist you whether you are charged with a white-collar criminal or a blue-collar crime. Contact us today.

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