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Why Would I Need a White Collar Crime Lawyer?

White collar crimes are those infractions or offenses that produce financial gain beyond the purview of the law. Financial gains are often achieved through forms of deceit and deception. When you ask every white collar crime lawyer in West Palm Beach, these crimes are generally committed by individuals in the business sector who, as a result of their job, have the ability to gain access to huge amount of other people’s investments and money.

Below are the white collar crimes you need to be aware of so you can immediately get the services of a lawyer to prevent further charges.

Common White Collar Crimes

Money Laundering

Money laundering is the process of accumulating proceeds and funds from illegal acts and making it appear as if it came from a lawful source. It allows an individual to accumulate and hide wealth, increase profits, evade taxes, and avoid prosecution.

Additionally, money laundering is often associated with a crime like narcotics trafficking, international or domestic public corruption, human trafficking, health care fraud, and complex financial crimes.

Thus, if you think someone committed this crime against you, it is essential that you get the services of a white collar crime lawyer in West Palm Beach so he or she can immediately press charges.


According to an esteemed white collar crime lawyer in West Palm Beach, embezzlement is a crime of misappropriation items that a person has been entrusted with. The most common type of embezzlement in white collar crimes is broker embezzlement.

This is a scheme that encompasses unlawful and illicit acts by brokers to take directly from their clients. It is often consummated by illegal fund transfer activities, unauthorized trading, and forging account statements and client documents.

Insider Trading

Insider trading is a corporate offense that involves dealing in securities based on non-public information. Such use of information will affect the price of the securities thereby creating unlawful gain or loss.

Inquire from a White Collar Crime Lawyer in WestPalm Beach

If you think someone committed a white collar crime against you, it is imperative that you see a white collar crime lawyer so your rights can immediately be exercised. Contact David Olson Law today!

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