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‍When to Report Domestic Violence

Violence cannot only cause you physical harm, but it can also affect your mentality. If you cannot seek attention immediately, it can lead to trauma and the worst thing, depression. In extreme cases, your life could be in danger. This is where the importance of hiring a domestic violence lawyer in West Palm Beach comes in.

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When to Ask for Help

Fear of the Person

If you sense that you are afraid of your partner or family member, that is a serious problem. A healthy relationship should start with being open to one another. Instilling fear from the actions done to you is a clear sign and should not be overlooked.

Getting Abusive

When can you tell if your partner or family member crosses the line? A gentle pinch here and there is safe. Playful “punches” are often okay, but is it causing you pain? Are they refusing to stop? Knowing how you interact with each other should not result in bruises.

Giving Death Threats

How often do you try and fight for yourself? And if you do, do they listen to what you have to say? Instead of fixing the problem, they might tell you things that could stop you from reporting them. They can even try to make YOU feel guilty about the actions they made.  

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