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What is Transit Fare Evasion?

Theft is a very common crime in the state of Florida. The most prevalent kind of theft committed is what many people call petit theft. According to a retail theft attorney in West Palm Beach, petit theft is committed when an individual steals or endeavors to steal property from another individual or business, and the value of the property is less than $300.

Likewise, did you know that transit fare evasion falls under petit theft? Below is a brief explanation of this crime, as well as the elements that constitute theft.

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Transit Fare Evasion and the Elements of Theft

Transit Fare Evasion

In Florida, transit fare evasion occurs when there is unlawful refusal to pay the appropriate fare for transportation upon a mass transit vehicle. It also occurs when evading the payment of such fare, or entering any mass transit vehicle or facility by any door, passageway, or gate not provided for the entry of fare-paying passengers.

Once a law enforcement officer has probable cause to believe that transit fare evasion is committed, the offender will be taken into custody and detained reasonably for a reasonable length of time.

Elements of Theft

To be convicted of the crime of petit theft, the prosecution must prove the following:

·      Defendant knowingly and unlawfully used or tried to use the property of the alleged victim

·      The defendant intended to deprive the victim of their right to the property or appropriated the victim’s property

where can i find a retail theft attorney in west palm beach?

Importance of a Retail Theft Attorney in West Palm Beach

If you need assistance with a transit fare evasion case or any other petit theft, contact David Olson Law today!

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