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What Is the Role of a Juvenile Lawyer?

Parents have a natural desire for their children to submit to the authority of the court or the police and confess their mistakes to the juvenile attorney in West Palm Beach. Often, a school will suspend or expel a student based on a juvenile offense that has nothing to do with a child's behavior at school.

If a school tries to expel your child, the outcome of the case in juvenile court will have a significant impact on your child's scholastic future. Although a responsible parent's reaction is understandable, a juvenile situation can have long-term consequences.

Juvenile Attorney West Palm Beach

A Juvenile Lawyer’s Role

What Do They Do?

Depending on the situation, a juvenile attorney has a variety of responsibilities. This type of attorney may represent youngsters in criminal cases and should be well-versed in the law as it pertains to minors.  

Another responsibility they have is to represent a child's best interests in a civil or criminal case. To operate properly in this capacity, a knowledge of both family law and juvenile criminal law is generally required in both situations.

Choosing the Right Juvenile Attorney

Always ask the following questions when choosing an attorney to defend your child in juvenile court.

  1. How many cases have you brought before the juvenile court for trial?
  1. How much of your practice is spent in juvenile court?
  1. In your professional career, how many juvenile court cases have you handled?
  1. Are you aware of the legal distinctions between juvenile and adult criminal proceedings?

Selecting the ideal juvenile attorney for your child's case entails finding someone with experience in the juvenile court and someone who will fight for your child's best interests.

Juvenile Attorney West Palm Beach

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