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What is the Castle Law?

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The Right to Use Reasonable Force

The Common Law Principle of Castle Law or Castle Doctrine

The castle law is a form of self-defense that an individual can invoke to protect themselves against unlawful intruders, invaders, and trespassers in their home. Individuals who invoke this law have the right to use reasonable force, including deadly force to prevent or repel any attack from the perpetrators.  

Free From Legal Consequences

Invoking the castle law means that you are free from any legal prosecution for the consequences of the force used against the perpetrator. So long as the deadly force applied is justified or when the victim reasonably fears imminent peril of death or serious bodily harm, they may be free from legal consequences.  

Requirements and Conditions for Its Use  

Just like any other law, the castle law has its own guidelines and conditions before anyone can invoke it. Such requirement includes that the intruder is attempting to forcefully enter one’s home or abode, that the occupant has reasonable belief that the intruder will inflict harm to them, and that the occupant did not instigate or provoke the intruder.  

States That Implement the Castle Law

As of now, there are 23 states that implement this law. Such states include California, Hawaii, and New York. Furthermore, it’s important to know which state can invokes such right to avoid future legalities when it’s time to use this Law. While these 23 states can invoke this law, the other states exercise the stand your ground law, including Florida. Florida’s stand your ground law was passed in 2005.

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