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What Happens When the TSA Finds a Joint in Your Bag?

If you’re one of those who wonder what happens to you and your joint when the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) finds some in your baggage, then you came to the right page. Being caught with drugs at the airport might be so close to a nightmare, and the reality is that it can be a horrific scene. Drug charges often carry stiff penalties, but sometimes the air travel component of being caught with drugs can make these punishments even more severe than they typically are. If you are caught with any kind of drugs at Palm Beach International Airport, you should remain calm and contact a drug attorney in West Palm Beach right away.

Drug Attorney West Palm Beach

Flying With Drugs

What Happens if You Get Caught with Drugs and Substances?

What happens if you get caught with drugs usually depends on the situation, and there’s not a definitive answer as to what will happen with every case. The TSA does allow medical marijuana with special instructions. However, if a TSA screener finds a substance in a state where it’s illegal, you could face drug charges.

Where Do Confiscated Drugs Go?

When drugs are confiscated in airports, TSA officers usually refer to law enforcement to secure the confiscated substances and store them in a warehouse known as a crime laboratory. Here, the drugs will be tested, organized, and shelved for trials.

Where the drugs are stored can vary depending on which enforcement agency is investigating. Small amounts of drugs may be stowed at the local police station. In contrast, larger amounts are often taken to a secure federal or state vault.

Drug Attorney West Palm Beach

Need to Find a Drug Attorney in West Palm Beach?

If you have been arrested or detained under the law for possession of drugs at the PBI airport, you have the right to contact a professional drug attorney in West Palm Beach, FL. If you need an experienced attorney in handling such delicate matters, feel free to contact us at the law offices of David Olsen.

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