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What Exactly Does a Probation Lawyer Do?

You might expect to go to jail if you've been arrested and convicted of a crime. However, this isn't always the case. In some situations, your probation lawyer in West Palm Beach may argue for probation. As an alternative to incarceration, a court may sentence a defendant to probation, which is a period of community monitoring.

Probationers must agree to and follow specific limitations in order to avoid being imprisoned.  But what is probation and is it something you should pursue?

Probation Lawyer West Palm Beach

What a Probation Lawyer Does

How Does Probation Work?

It's often given to first-time offenders, adolescents, and those who aren't a danger to the public. Defendants who are found guilty of misdemeanors or felonies are frequently sentenced to prison.

If a court grants offenders a sort of supervised release known as probation, they may be able to minimize the amount of time they are incarcerated or avoid it entirely. This is where your probation lawyer steps in to make sure you won’t end up behind bars.

Probation Might Be Granted in One of Two Ways:

1.The court imposes a jail term, but it is suspended for the duration of probation

2.The court defers punishment and instead orders probation.

Probationary Conditions

At sentencing, judges make the final decision on whether or not to issue probation. If probation is granted, offenders (now known as probationers) must agree to follow the judge's probation requirements. Conditions of probation must be reasonable in relation to the probationer's rehabilitation or public safety.

Probation Lawyer West Palm Beach

Talk to a Probation Lawyer in West Palm Beach

If you're facing a sentence that involves probation, make sure to ask your lawyer about the process. If you have any questions regarding the condition of your probation, see a lawyer. If you don't follow the terms of your probation, you could end up in jail or prison. If you've been suspected of violating your probation, you should seek legal advice from a qualified attorney who can represent you in court.

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