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What Are Some of the Most Common Misdemeanor Offenses?

Misdemeanor violations in Florida can result in thousands of dollars in penalties, jail time, and a permanent mark on your record. Misdemeanor accusations are serious. Therefore, it's critical to find an experienced criminal defense attorney in West Palm Beach who can guide you through the legal process and safeguard your rights and interests.

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Common Examples of Misdemeanor Crimes

Alcohol-Related Crimes

Being intoxicated in public is unlawful in most states and cities in the United States, as it can lead to unruly behavior. In some areas, such as Las Vegas, you are allowed to drink in public, yet, of course, it is still prohibited to drive when intoxicated.

Trespassing on Private Property

You might also be charged with a misdemeanor if you enter another person's private property without their consent.

Indecent Exposure

While everyone defines indecent differently, it generally refers to displaying intimate areas to someone who does not want to see them. If you get caught urinating in public, you could face a misdemeanor charge.

Petit Theft

Commonly known as petty theft, this refers to a variety of property crimes in which someone takes something that is not theirs. This can encompass a wide range of things, and it varies by jurisdiction.  

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Speak with a Criminal Defense Attorney in West Palm Beach

A misdemeanor charge isn't the most serious of offenses, but it can still cause a lot of headaches. If you want to win or possibly get a lighter sentence, you'll need a strong defense. If you or a loved one is facing misdemeanor charges in Florida, contact The Law Offices of David W. Olson for the best possible outcome for your case.

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