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West Palm Beach Attorney | How to Behave During an Arrest

It’s unfortunate when it happens. But, if you find yourself under arrest, there’s certain behavior you should follow. And, while some of it seems like common sense, the truth is that you don’t know how you’ll react in a stressful situation like an arrest. So, instead of winding up absolutely needing a West Palm Beach attorney, follow these do’s and don’ts:

DO: Be Respectful

Even if a law enforcement officer is being what you would describe as a jerk, you still need to be careful. So, protect yourself by being respectful. This means being aware of your rights and knowing what you should say and what you should remain silent on.

DON’T: Antagonize or Pick a Fight

Do not talk back with attitude. Watch your tone at all times and don’t resist. Antagonizing a police officer will just land you in bigger trouble. And, sometimes, depending on your behavior, you’ll be sharing a cell with similar people. So, the more aggressive you are, the more chances are you’ll be bunking with similarly aggressive people.

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DO: Answer Processing Questions

Yes, you have the right to remain silent while under arrest. However, you should answer the basic questions – full name, address, etc. – upon booking. This’ll make your life easier going forward.

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