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What to Do When Filing a Car Accident Claim

Based on the report of Florida’s Department ofHighway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV), there is approximately 40%-50% of traffic accidents that result in fatality and other forms of injury. For most traffic accidents without death or injury, filing a car accident claim may be easy to process, especially when you have a good insurance company. However, there will be instances that you will still need the assistance of a West PalmBeach attorney, even if the car accident doesn’t involve injury or fatality. In this way, you’ll be guaranteed that your rights are protected.

Why Hire an Attorney Before Filing a Car Accident Claim?

To Protect Your Best Interests

If you sustained fatalities or injuries as a result of a car accident, you must hire a West Palm Beach attorney so they can immediately guide you through the insurance claim process. Aside from insurance claims, an attorney can likewise initiate a personal injury case so you can further claim damages from the opposite party.

In addition to insurance claims, it is an undeniable fact that insurance companies will take extra miles in trying to deny your request, especially when it involves large amounts. This is where the services of a West Palm Beach attorney are more importantly needed.

To Manage Your Case in Accordance with Law

A competent and reputable West Palm Beach attorney that handles a lot of insurance and personal injury cases can help you manage your situation in accordance with law while helping you recover most of the money for your claim. More so, insurance companies always conduct investigations to determine whether your claim can be justified or not.

However, there are insurance companies that actin bad faith to produce pieces of evidence that your claim should be denied. Hiring an attorney will allow you to build a stronger case because he or she will conduct an investigation separate from that of the insurance company.

Looking for a West Palm Beach Attorney?

If you just experienced a car accident and you want to file a claim with the insurance company or file a personal injury case, request an appointment today!

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