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Types of Abuse Cases

Abuse, whether physical, emotional, or in another form, frequently follows an increasing pattern in which the controlling behaviors get more severe with time. If you’ve experienced domestic violence in Palm Beach County, getting help is important. Family members, most typically the victim's adult child or spouse, account for nearly two-thirds of individuals who hurt a vulnerable adult. According to research, the abuser is usually financially reliant on the resources of the vulnerable adult and struggles with alcohol and drugs.

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Abuse Cases: What Are They?

The 7 Types of Abuse Are:  

1. Physical Abuse  

This kind of abuse is causing bodily harm on purpose. Choking, slapping, pinching, shoving, kicking, or utilizing medications or physical constraints inappropriately are just a few instances.

2. Sexual Abuse

It's all about power, and it encompasses any sexual behavior done without the consent of a partner.

3. Abandonment

This occurs when a vulnerable adult is unable to get basic necessities such as healthcare, food, housing, and clothing.

4. Self-Neglect

Self-neglect encompasses behaviors such as hoarding and includes a wide range of behaviors such as disregarding one's personal health, cleanliness, or surroundings.

5. Emotional or Psychological Abuse

Coercion, intimidation, ridiculing, treating an adult like a kid, harassment, using silence to regulate behavior, isolating an adult from family and friends, and yelling or swearing that causes emotional discomfort are all examples.

6. Neglect

Neglect happens when a person deprives a vulnerable adult of the care required to sustain the vulnerable adult's mental health, either via action or omission. Basic necessities such as water, food, clothing, medicine, a safe place to live, and health care are examples.  

7. Financial Abuse

This is defined as any behavior that preserves power and control over money.

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