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The Need and Greed to Steal

It is difficult to profile shoplifters and pinpoint exactly why people steal. Stealing is an act of crime that leads to a variety of reasons why. Retail theft transcends to different social norms, such as financial difficulty, proof of loyalty or bravery to peers, emotional problems, a psychological disorder, or simply a thrill-seeking activity. So, if you ever find yourself in a shoplifting situation and charges are being pressed, you’re going to have to gather your strength and find a retail theft attorney in West Palm Beach.

Retail Theft Attorney West Palm Beach

Why Do People Steal?

Stealing for Greed

Wealthy robbers refer to people who have no real need to steal except to either further themselves financially or something that would enthuse themselves because they know they can get away with it. This is where a multitude of scenarios and human behaviors come to interact. These people steal out of a need for excitement – for the thrill of it.

Stealing for a Need

Stealing for a need refers to stealing for a basic human need. It is undeniable that sometimes this can result in substance addiction. People who steal for basic needs have their motivations and reasons straight to the point.

Unfortunate events could happen that stirs these individuals into a position where they’re unable to generate an income to afford food. Therefore, as a basic human instinct, people find ways to obtain their needs one way or another. Not too many people would simply crawl up and starve – some would steal just to eat.

Retail Theft Attorney West Palm Beach

Looking for a Retail Theft Attorney in West Palm Beach?

If you committed theft, you have the right to a retail theft attorney in West Palm Beach. So, hire the best. If you need help, contact us at the law offices of David Olsen today.

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