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Retail Theft Attorney West Palm Beach | What You Need to Know About Retail Theft

Did you forget to pay for an item when you left the store? Not everyone who leaves the store with an unpaid item does so deliberately. We are in an era where our attention span is short and we are constantly distracted by our phones and other things. If you’ve been accused of shoplifting or retail theft, consult a Retail Theft Attorney West Palm Beach. Here are some things you need to know about retail theft:

How Do I Know I Committed Retail Theft?

Retail theft is defined as unlawfully taking possession of an item that is for sale by a retail business. It also includes exchanging labels, tags or packaging so a customer will pay less compared to the actual price of the item, eating foods inside the establishment without paying for it, and maneuvering receipts and gift certificates.

What are the Consequences of Retail Theft?

Depending on the value of the item that was stolen, the consequences are jail time or a criminal fine for a first-time charge. The second or third-time you are charged with retail theft, you will be facing criminal felony charges. This will result in higher fines and a sentence in prison for more than a year.

Is Shoplifting and Retail Theft the same?

Shoplifting refers to a customer unlawfully taking away goods from a retail establishment without paying for it. Retail theft covers a broad array of unlawful acts of taking away goods that are committed not only by a customer but also by an employee of an establishment.

Is there Any Way I can Beat a Retail Theft Charge?

Yes, but you need an experienced Criminal Defense Attorney who will handle the case in a way that whatever the court decides on- the results will favor you.

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Can I Surpass this without a Retail Theft Attorney West Palm Beach?

Retail theft complaints can stain your record and can sometimes result in criminal charges. If you have been accused of retail theft or shoplifting, it is best to consult a criminal defense attorney. Find the best Retail Theft Attorney West Palm Beach at David Olson Law. We believe that everyone has a right to a fair trial and the best representation. Call us today for a free case review or for any inquiries!

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