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Reasons Why People Commit Retail Theft

Retail theft is the legal term for shoplifting. According to a retail theft attorney in West Palm Beach, this crime is committed when someone illegally takes possession, transfers, or carries away any product for sale in a retail store. In a gist, it is theft committed against a retailer. 

A person’s occupation, age, income, race, or gender does not increase their chances of committing retail theft. As per experience and observation of a retail theft attorney in West Palm Beach, people from all walks of life commit such crimes for the following reasons.

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Causes of Retail Theft Occurrences 

Risk of Getting Caught is Low

According to authorities, the risk of getting caught for the crime of retail theft is very low. The reason for this is that retail stores are not often guarded. Hence, people tend to disregard the law simply because it’s a low-risk crime. 


Not every shoplifter commits retail theft with intent to gain or purpose of stealing merchandise. Some have medical conditions such as kleptomania. It is a mental health disorder that makes a person steal or grab something without even knowing it. The symptoms feel gratification or pleasure while stealing and the inability to resist the urge to grab things.

Financial Problems

If you ask every retail theft attorney in West Palm Beach of the number reason people commit such crime, lack of money would be on the top of the list. Shoplifting often occurs when someone needs something but lacks financial aid. For instance, a mother may steal clothing, diapers, or food from a retail store since she has nothing to give to her child. 

Peer Pressure

As senseless as it may seem, young people who commit retail theft usually commit such crime because of peer pressure. They may feel like they have to snatch and grab an item from a store to show to their friends that they’re brave and fearless.

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More Information from a Retail Theft Attorney in West Palm Beach

In case you find yourself in trouble for committing a crime of retail theft, the first thing you should do is contact a retail theft attorney. Contact David Olson Law for help

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