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Probation Lawyer West Palm Beach | Probation Violation Consequences and Requirements

Probation is usually part of a sentence in a criminal case. It is often ordered as part of a plea agreement. It is a sentencing procedure where the offender avoids jail time except they have to meet certain guidelines that they must fulfill or follow in order to avoid a jail sentence. A probation lawyer West Palm Beach serves as a legal representative of the offender to present the case and issue evidence if the person still on probation commits a violation.

Common Requirements for Probation

In order for the offender to avoid jail time, here are the guidelines that he or she should meet and not violate while on probation.

  • Abiding court orders
  • Being subject to drug tests
  • Obeying all laws
  • Abstaining from excessive drug and alcohol use
  • Reporting changes of address or employment to probation officers

Consequences of Violating Your Probation

Failing to comply with the terms of your probation or violate one of the rules or conditions, you may be charged with a probation violation. The consequences of violating probation may differ depending on state law. Some common consequences for probation violations are:

  • Attending mandatory rehabilitation programs
  • Community service
  • Large monetary fines
  • Revocation of probation privileges
  • A brief period in jail
  • Restitution or paying money to the victim of the crime
  • The imposition of jail or prison sentence
what is a probation lawyer west palm beach?

Do You Need Legal Advice on Probation? Hire a Probation Lawyer West Palm Beach!

If you have committed probation violations, talk to a probation lawyer West Palm Beach about your case. For further assistance, reach out to David Olson Law and our experienced criminal defense attorneys can give you advice on the best way to proceed, protect your rights, and preserve your freedom.

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