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Possession of a Firearm West Palm Beach | Concealed Carry Do’s and Don’ts

There are plenty of rules and regulations surrounding the licensed concealed carry of firearms in Florida. Many people with a license forget some of the most important rules that can land you in jail if broken, however.

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When it comes to carrying a concealed weapon and interacting with law enforcement, there are several simple steps you can follow to avoid legal issues. The biggest one is being very open and clear with police that you have a legal firearm. By making your intentions clear you can avoid placing lives in danger. Keep your hands visible and do not make jarring movements. Have your license and other information easily available. If you have a firearm but not your license, you can be fined or placed in jail.


The biggest mistake made by those with a concealed carry license is forgetting their license but not the firearm. By not having the license for the firearm you risk serious fines. Big mistakes include not having the right equipment. A bad holster can allow you to lose your weapon, or an unsafe firearm can discharge accidentally. Being aware of your weapon and situation is incredibly important to safety for everyone involved.

Possession of a Firearm West Palm Beach

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