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Myths and Conditions of Probation

Nobody wants to be on probation, but this is always better than being in jail for several years. When under probation, the offender remains free. According to a criminal lawyer in West Palm Beach, the law allows offenders to pay restitution for the crimes they committed outside of jail and to work so they can provide for their families. However, once the terms of the probation are breached and violated, they will face serious consequences.

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How to Avoid Probation Violations

What are the Probation Myths?

The most common myth about probation is that the State of Florida does not take into consideration the time spent on probation. Unlike other states, Florida does not give credit for prison or jail time. Nonetheless, these notions are rendered without bearing if you have a competent criminal lawyer in West Palm Beach.

Lawyers can persuade the judge to reinstate an offender to probation if they can present sufficient evidence to show every possibility the violation can be mitigated.

How to Avoid Violation of Probation?

Few people know that probation is expensive. As soon as you’re allowed probation, you will have to pay for urine screenings, presumptive breath tests, and a monthly fee. So, if you think you’re financially struggling and won’t be able to follow through with the cost of probation, you have to immediately inform your lawyer and probation officer. They can submit a request to the court to ask for a possible waiver of the probation cost or, at the very least, to lower the cost.

Aside from the waiver or lowering your probation cost, the court can also impose a lien. In this case, you’ll have to set up a payment plan within a certain period. Additionally, only offenders who are going to school, looking for a job, or currently working are qualified for a lien.

where can i find a criminal lawyer in west palm beach?

More Information on Probation from a Criminal Lawyer West Palm Beach

As always, it’s best to consult a lawyer before making any decisions. At David Olson Law, we focus on protecting your rights against unreasonable and oppressive acts. Contact us today!

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