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What You Need to Know About Marijuana Possession in Florida

Selling and possession of illegal drugs are severe crimes in Florida, but when you have over a certain amount in your possession, you get charged with something even worse – trafficking. As regards to possession of marijuana, it is essential that you avail of the services of a marijuana lawyer in West Palm Beach so you will be guided throughout the process.

All You Need to Know When Charged of Possession of Marijuana

Possession Defined

An esteemed marijuana lawyer in West Palm Beach provides that the Florida law defines possession as the ability to exercise the right to control, manage, and own the illegal drug. When it comes to unlawful possession of marijuana, an accused may be charged with actual or constructive possession.

The former indicated that the accused has the illegal drug on his or her control, whether it’s inside the pocket or container. There must be exclusive control to constitute actual possession of an illicit drug. On the other hand, constructive possession means that the illegal drug is not within reach of the accused, but he or she still has control over the drug – it may be either inside a drawer or concealed somewhere within the power of the accused.

Additionally, according to a marijuana lawyer in West Palm Beach, two or more individuals may be charged with illegal possession of marijuana as when several individuals are present in a single drug den, residence, or any establishment.

Penalties for Illegal Possession of Marijuana

Under Florida laws, illegal possession charges are categorized according to the amount of the substance found at the time of the arrest. As stated by a marijuana lawyer in West Palm Beach, possession of up to 20 grams will only hold the accused liable for a misdemeanor.

However, the severity of the penalty arises when the amount of the substance involves over 20 grams. For drugs that are over 20 grams, the accused may be held liable to pay fine ranging from $5,000 up to $25,000 and an imprisonment of 5 years to 3 years.

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