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Know Your Drugs and Which Could Land You in Jail

Millions of people in the United States take prescription medications, whether they’re prescribed for a life-threatening ailment or something less serious. People who use or possess these drugs without a prescription for medicinal or recreational purposes may be breaking the law and may need a criminal defense attorney in West Palm Beach.

According to research released by the Office of National Drug Control Policy, the unlawful possession and use of prescription drugs are the nation's fastest-growing drug problem. As a result, illegal prescription drug use and possession are rising, resulting in a surge in prescription drug prosecutions and convictions.  

Illegal Drugs Criminal Defense Attorney in West Palm Beach  

Prescription Drugs That Are Widely Cited in Prosecutions for Drug Offenses

Factor in the Rise of Prescription Drug Abuse 

The most common narcotics involved in drug offenses are heroin, cocaine, and methamphetamines. On the other hand, prescription medicine usage is one of the country's most serious drug problems.  

The following are examples of prescribed medications that are commonly held illegally:  


  • Prozac  
  • Xanax  
  • Wellbutrin  


  • Adderall  
  • Ritalin  


  • Valium  
  • Rohypnol  
  • Phenobarbital  
  • Klonopin  

Pain relievers / Narcotics  

  • Morphine  
  • Vicodin  
  • Demerol  
  • Codeine  
  • Dilaudid  

Tranquilizers / sedatives  

  • Ketamine  
  • Ativan  

Factors That Leave Prescription Drug Abuse on the Market

  • Prescription medicines are not only more straightforward to get than illegal drugs, but they are also often affordable, if not free, when taken from friends or family.  
  • Many individuals assume they are safer than illicit street drugs like heroin and cocaine because doctors prescribe these substances.  

This isn't always the case. Users may become overdosed, critically ill, or face death due to taking these prescription drugs. The drug's effects may also alter the state of the user and may endanger others.  

If law enforcement agents suspect you of using, selling, or obtaining prescription-grade medications without a legal prescription, you might be charged with a crime and sentenced to prison.

illegal drugs and handcuffs necessitates Criminal Defense Attorney in West Palm Beach   

Looking for a Drug Defense Attorney in West Palm Beach?

If you've been accused of illegally possessing prescription medicines in Florida, you might face serious consequences. This crime can result in jail time, fines, or both. It can be prosecuted as a state or federal offense in Florida. To get help fighting the accusations, contact David Olson Law.

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