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How Do Juveniles End up Being Prosecuted As Adults?

Did you know that almost 80% of juveniles are prosecuted in an adult criminal court? According to a Juvenile Attorney in West Palm Beach, more and more youth are being sent to be prosecuted in adult criminal courts. Here are the frequently asked questions when it comes to this process.

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FAQs About Juvenile Being Prosecuted In Adult Courts

How Do They End up in Adult Criminal Courts?

These juveniles are sent to adult criminal courts through the process known as “direct file.” Florida laws allow prosecutors to charge youth (14-15 years old) for any of the 21 specified felonies. Likewise, youth who are 16-17 years old may be prosecuted in adult criminal courts for any felony. The heartbreaking fact about this process is that the prosecutor’s decision to send a youth to adult court cannot be appealed nor is it subject to judicial review.

Crimes Juveniles Often Get Prosecuted In Adult Court

Based on studies and researches, about 60% of the youth are prosecuted for nonviolent crimes in adult courts. About 40% of the offenses are violent crimes committed by the youth and 39% of which are property-related offenses. The remaining percentage includes misdemeanors, drug offenses, and other charges.

Why Are They Transferred to Adult Courts?

Knowing the reasons why these youths are transferred and prosecuted in adult courts is difficult since prosecutors are not mandated by law to justify nor explain their decisions to the transfer. According to most juvenile court judges, this process is oftentimes considered as basically arbitrary and haphazard to the well-being of the youth.

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Looking For a Reliable Juvenile Attorney In West Palm Beach?

The juvenile justice system differs considerably from the adult criminal justice system in that the focus is on rehabilitation, safety, prevention, and treatment rather than punishment. With that in mind, various diversionary and intervention programs have been formulated to help reshape and guide the youthful offender to a more positive future.

Hiring an experienced and reliable juvenile attorney will make sure that your kid won’t be transferred to an adult court. Contact David Olson Law for more information!

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