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Juvenile Attorney West Palm Beach | What Are the Responsibilities of a Juvenile Attorney

Courts understand that minors generally do not have the capability to make sound judgment and decisions about their behavior. When underage children commit crimes such as trespassing, shoplifting, to something serious as murder, they are often treated differently than adults. Minors also have specific rights under the law. They have the right not to be questioned by law enforcement without parental consent. If you’re looking for a juvenile attorney in West Palm Beach for yourself or your child, you have come to the right place.

What is Juvenile Law?

Juvenile law applies specifically to minors. Both adults and minors may have the same constitutional rights in having an attorney to represent them in a criminal matter and the right to bring a lawsuit, there are some key differences.

Definition of Juvenile Crime

Juvenile crime refers to any crime committed by a child who is under the age of 18. Several states considered the maximum age for juvenile crime to be 16 or 17 but most states consider a child 14 and older to be capable of intentionally committing a crime. The adult criminal system is different from the juvenile criminal system regarding rules and laws. A court may force a minor to be tried as adults especially if the juvenile is a repeat offender for cases such as homicide, repeated theft, and rape.

Responsibilities of a Juvenile Attorney

A juvenile attorney’s main responsibility is to protect the rights or minors in cases involving neglect or abuse, child custody, divorce, and juvenile court proceedings. Some responsibilities of juvenile attorneys include:

  • Making recommendations to the court
  • Receiving notice of all court documents
  • Conducting investigations
  • Requesting hearings
  • Presenting evidence
  • Participating in all court negotiations and proceedings

In juvenile court proceedings, a juvenile attorney will coordinate court services with resources and agencies that provide assistance or programs for children in need of alcohol or drug abuse counseling.

who is a good juvenile attorney west palm beach?

Seeking Legal Assistance? Get a Juvenile Attorney West Palm Beach!

If you or your child is accused of juvenile crime and is facing detention, you should get in touch with a juvenile attorney West Palm Beach. To learn more about your constitutional rights and any possible defenses that apply to your situation, contact David Olson Law today.

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