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Tips to Improve the Outcome of your DUI Case

The first thing you need to do when charged with a DUI is to enlist the services of a West Palm Beach DUI lawyer. This way you’ll have someone to guide you through the entire process. A lawyer will know what steps to take to get a favorable verdict.


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Steps You Can Take to Get a Favorable DUI Decision

Do Not Add To the Complexities of your Case

Whether you’re charged with a messy crime or just a simple misdemeanor, doing more illegal things may add to the complexity of your case, making it last longer. According to professionals, DUI cases take a few months to finally be resolved.

Despite the urge to act and have your case resolved as soon as possible, you should give your lawyer the time they need to comprehensively study your case.


Accept Plea Agreements or Deals

Although you’re not obligated to accept plea agreements or deals, you should give yourself some time to think it through.  You can always reject it if you’re not amenable to it. The standard plea agreements offered by the state may require you to plead to a lesser offense in exchange for reduced or lighter penalties.


Do not Commit the Same Offense Again

Often, you will not get convicted if you are a first-time DUI offender. However, there are still some who receive jail sentences.

You may find yourself in a completely different case if you are subsequently charged with an additional DUI offense or you have a criminal history. You may be sentenced to a mandatory minimum jail sentence–especially when the evidence against you is strong.


Avoid DrunkDriving

Seeming as drunk driving got you the first DUI, you should probably lay low on repeating the same crime for a second time. Furthermore, it is important you try to avoid any situation that may lead to you being charged with another offense. As stated earlier, being arrested for the same offense while you have a pending case in court will only worsen the outcome. Additionally, you need to show the court that suspension of driving privileges and jail sentence is not necessary.


Tips to Improve the Outcome of your DUI Case

Get theServices of a West Palm Beach DUI Lawyer

In case you or someone you know has been charged with a DUI case, contact David Olson Law so we can give you the fair trial you deserve.

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