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Illegal Acts Punishable under the Money Laundering Law

Have you ever conducted or attempted to conduct transactions coming from illegal proceeds? If you have, you probably need to look for a white collar crime lawyer in West Palm Beach if an investigation opens up. Florida’s Money Laundering Law punishes simple acts like conducting transactions involving illegal proceeds or concealing the control, ownership, source, location, or nature of illegal activities. To avoid being charged with money laundering, below are the criminal acts punishable under the law.

What is a White Collar Crime Lawyer West Palm Beach?

Know Whether You Committed Money Laundering Acts

Illegal Acts

According to Section 896.101 of the Money Laundering Act, it is illegal to transport or attempt to transport any monetary funds or instruments with the intent to promote the carrying on of specified illegal activity. Likewise, it is also unlawful to avoid a transaction reporting requirement or money transmitters’ state registration requirements.

Apart from the acts mentioned above, the most common acts committed by money laundering offenders are:

• Disguise or concealment of nature, location, source, ownership or the control of proceeds of illegal activities, and

• Conduct or attempt to conduct a transaction involving illegal proceeds.

Money Laundering in General

Customarily, money laundering involves the illegal creation of funds and then converting those funds around in such a manner to avoid detection by state and federal authorities. Although there are countless ways that money can be generated illegally, this is most common when it comes to drug proceeds. The simplest way to commit money laundering is to receive money from illegal transactions and investing it in businesses.

What is a White Collar Crime Lawyer West Palm Beach?

Find A White Collar Crime Lawyer in West Palm Beach

At both the state and federal levels, the government has a vested interest in controlling the creation and flow of money. Law enforcement officers and authorities vested with the power to apprehend money laundering offenders will do their job to protect the state or country’s interest. Hence, if you find yourself caught in the middle and you think you’re about to commit money laundering acts, you should consult David Olson Law!

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