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DUI First Time Offenders – What Happens

Ever had that moment when you accidentally had too many drinks and had not thought about the consequences? DUI is a very serious offense and can lead to fines and imprisonment. Moreover, you are not only endangering yourself but also other people. In case you commit a DUI violation, it’s best that you contact your West Palm Beach DUI lawyer.

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All You Need to Know About DUI as First Offenders

Cost of Getting Charged

Just because you are a first-time offender doesn’t mean it won’t be pricy. Plus, it will also be a horrible mark on your record. Depending on the circumstances, expenses can go up to $4,000.

Punishment for the Violation

In addition, if you did not give any deep thought for your representation, you may cause more damage. Mistakes are hard to deal with, but not thinking about what to do afterward to clear up what the future might hold is harder. You might be imprisoned for up to six months in jail depending on the court’s decision.  You will also lose your driving privileges for 180 days or more, leaving you to resort to public transportation or getting rides from others to get to your destination. There is also community service which you need to complete for 50 hours.

What Not to Forget

One important thing to note is that the definition of drunk driving in Florida entails driving under the influence of inhalants, alcohol, drugs, or a combination of the three to the point of impairment. But drugs such as marijuana, oxycodone, and inhalants don’t have a standard level considered safe for driving in Florida, which means they automatically lead to an arrest.

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Before doing anything rash, think first because a DUI offense is way more serious than you think. For more details about DUI violations, contact us!

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