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Domestic Violence Lawyer West Palm Beach| Types of Abuse under Domestic Violence

Abusers come in different forms and sizes, and anyone can be a victim of domestic violence. In a relationship, it is common for couples or family members to fight but sometimes these innocent little fights turn to abuse, and most of us fail to recognize this. Consult a Domestic Violence Lawyer West Palm Beach to help you asses if you are in an abusive situation. But for the meantime let this article guide you on some types of abuse under domestic violence.

Physical Abuse

Physical abuse happens when a partner or a loved one is threatening to harm you or is already physically hurting you. If this is happening to you, do not ignore and take action.

Emotional Abuse

In reality, emotional abuse or psychological abuse is subtle and often unrecognized but is very damaging. Emotional abusers want to leave you damaged by stripping you off of your self-esteem and worth.

Economic Abuse

Economic or financial abuse means that your partner controls your economic resources and stops you from supporting yourself financially. This person wants to control your access to education, career, and even the acquisition of assets. For family members, it can go to the extent of pressuring you to sign documents regarding selling or transferring of assets and even the alteration of will.

Sexual abuse

Sexual abuse can be expressed verbally, physically and visually. Examples are if sexual comments are made, you are forced into sex against your will, incest and if you are asked to watch porn or sexual act against your will.

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Looking for a Domestic Violence Lawyer West Palm Beach?

Do not let any of these abuses happen to you or your household. If you have been scarred by any of these abuses, know that you can seek help from a Domestic Violence Lawyer West Palm Beach. At David Olson Law, we promise to provide you with unparalleled legal representation. Consult with us today to know what actions to take against your abusers.

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