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Defining Domestic Violence

The law defines domestic violence as actions when dates, intimate partners, or spouses use stalking, harassment, emotional abuse, threats, or physical violence to control the acts of their partners. According to our domestic violence lawyer in West PalmBeach, this act doesn’t discriminate, covering and crossing every age, race, socio-economic, and religious background. To know more about what exactly domestic violence is, continue reading.


Domestic Violence in Simple Terms


Definition of Domestic Violence


Aside from the definition stated above, domestic violence is referred to as the victimization of a person with whom the respondent or accused has or has had a romantic or intimate relationship. The law focuses on the assault committed, especially those that are life-threatening, frequent, and physical.


Advocates for victims of domestic violence believe that property abuse and financial abuse should also be covered by the crime. Whatever the meaning or implication may be, it’s essential your local domestic violence lawyer to understand that such crime is prevalent in our society and how to handle it appropriately.




There’s no sugar coating it. Women are the most at-risk group to be the victims domestic violence. Statistics show that between 4 and 6 million women are recorded to have experienced domestic violence or abuse annually.


How the State Addresses This Issue


Since domestic violence became recorded part of Florida’s history in the late 1980s, the state made it a point to organize a Task Force on Domestic Violence. The task force is in charge of investigating the concerns associated with domestic violence in the state.Also, they are tasked with securing the domestic violence records and sorting through recommendations as to how the concerns should be addressed.



Get Legal Advice from a Domestic Violence Lawyer in West PalmBeach


In the eyes of the law, domestic violence charges are nothing to mess around with. If you need a domestic violence lawyer in West Palm Beach, help is here. Contact David Olson Law today!

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