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What is the Stand Your Ground Law?

Florida is known to be the first state to enact the "Stand your Ground" Law. Ever since the adoption of the law, a lot of attention and criticisms came out. The law gained infamy from the shocking cases of George Zimmerman and Michael Drejka. Although it is often looked into negativity, several people have no clue about the law's real goal. Read on to know more about the "Stand your Ground" Law before contacting a West Palm Beach criminal lawyer.

Goal and Principles of the Stand Your Ground Law

Duty to Retreat

To thoroughly discuss the concept of the "Stand your Ground" law, it is crucial first to discuss the duty to retreat. The principle provides that an individual under an imminent threat of physical harm must flee from the danger as much as possible. 

"Stand Your Ground" Law in a Gist

The law is principally and exception to the duty to retreat. It states that a person can use force to defend themselves without compliance with the duty to retreat principle. As stated by a criminal lawyer in West Palm Beach, this law aims to eradicate any confusion about when a person can defend themselves. Likewise, it eliminates the prosecution of people who legally use self-defense, despite the lack of compliance of the duty to retreat concept

An esteemed criminal lawyer in West Palm Beach once said that a claim of self-defense under this law grants immunity from prosecution instead of an affirmative defense. In other words, an accused can altogether avoid trial upon claiming self-defense under the "Stand your Ground" Law.

The Goal of the Law

The law aims to secure and defend individuals who harm other citizens in their attempt to protect themselves. It specifically covers the act of discharging a firearm in response to the threat. According to a criminal lawyer in West Palm Beach, the "Stand your Ground" law makes it easier for citizens to protect themselves, families, and people around them. 

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The "Stand your Ground" law may be subject to abuse, as it is with other laws. If you find yourself, you can contact David Olson Law to guide you on what to do in such a situation.

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