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What Happens After You Get Arrested?

When you’re arrested for a felony you have or haven’t committed, the next step is to file an indictment or information. In several cases, the police will fill out the usual police report form. This report will then be forwarded to the State Attorney’s Office, who will assess whether there is probable cause and determine the specific crime to be charged. However, for as long as you’re arrested and charged with a crime, you must get in touch with a criminal lawyer in West Palm Beach so you will be assisted and guided throughout the process. In this way, you’ll be guaranteed that your rights will not be stepped on.

What Should You Do After an Arrest?

Get the Services of a Lawyer

From the moment you get arrested and the time when you’re charged with a crime can take up to 4 or more. According to an esteemed criminal lawyer in West Palm Beach, the State Attorney’s Office makes use of this time to determine whether they are indeed going to file charges against you. At this moment, the state attorneys will take depositions, testimonies, and other input from several individuals who may provide pieces of evidence that can justify the alleged charge.

Likewise, the accused counsel will also be invited to provide input regarding the facts of the case. This is precisely the reason why at the moment of arrest, you should already contact your criminal lawyer in West Palm Beach.

Wait Until You Are Charged

Lawyers who are not familiar with the legal process, especially the new ones, will feel awkward to contact the State Attorney’s Office. However, there are still new lawyers who are gutsy and determined to win your case, who will do everything stop the filing of a lawsuit against his or her client. Thus, you must hire the services of a criminal lawyer in West Palm Beach who can protect you, even before a criminal charge was filed.

Where to Get a Criminal Lawyer in West Palm Beach

Immediately after your arrest, you mustn’t wait for the criminal charge against you or the schedule of the first hearing before getting an attorney. By this time, you should already have contacted an experienced criminal defense attorney. Contact us today!

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