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Criminal Lawyer in West Palm Beach | Who Can Make an Arrest?

Under particular circumstances, an officer of the law may deem it necessary to make an arrest. But, is it just police officers who can make an arrest? Not many people know how the law works and what can warrant an arrest and by whom. So, keep reading to learn more about who is legally allowed to make an arrest and how a criminal lawyer in West Palm Beach can help you, should that time ever arise for you.

Who Can Legally Make an Arrest?

It’s not just policemen and women who can make arrests. But, who exactly can choose to detain you?

  • Law Enforcement Officers
  • Legally Vested by the State
  • Correctional Officers
  • Probation Officers

What is a Citizen’s Arrest?

A citizen’s arrest is a rare situation. In certain situations, a person can make an arrest without a warrant. However, this does not undermine the authority of law enforcement. A citizen’s arrest may occur as police are on the way to the scene.

Do I Need a Lawyer If I Get Arrested?

You have the right to a lawyer. Chances are, you want to be safe rather than sorry. A lawyer can help you get out of a sticky situation and tackle difficult questions.

Are You in Need of a Criminal Lawyer in West Palm Beach?

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If you are in need of a criminal lawyer in West Palm Beach, do not hesitate to call us here at the law offices of David Olson. We will work with you to get the best possible outcome. So, contact us today to learn how we can help you.

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