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Criminal and Administrative Penalties for DUI Offenders

The State of Florida imposes rigid penalties for DUI convictions. If you are charged with such an offense, you’ll need an experienced West Palm Beach DUI lawyer to get you through the case. There are criminal and administrative penalties for DUI offenders. Here is a short discussion of what these penalties are.

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Penalties Under the DUI Law

Criminal Penalties

If you’re convicted of a DUI offense, the judge may impose jail time, fines, probation, community service, and license suspension. Your vehicle may also be impounded if necessary. However, not all of these penalties will be imposed. The penalties to be imposed will still depend on the degree of the offense committed.

When it comes to jail time, there is no mandatory minimum imprisonment for most first-time offenders. Just like any other penalty, the maximum possible sentence will still depend on the circumstances of your case. Below is the maximum imprisonment for first-time DUI offenders:

·      Six months – Standard DUI

·      Nine months – .15% or more BAC or for having a passenger who is a minor

·      One year – if the incident is coupled with damage to property or the accident resulted in minor injuries

·      Five years – if the accident resulted in serious injuries

As for probation, judges are mandated to impose probation on all DUI first-time offenders. Generally, the combination of time in jail and probation should not exceed one year. Additionally, community service is imposed as a condition of probation. At least 50 hours of community service can be imposed upon a DUI offender.

Administrative Penalties

Apart from criminal penalties, administrative sanctions such as license suspension and “hardship” licenses may be imposed. Normally, if you’re arrested for driving with .08% or more BAC, the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles will suspend your license for six months.

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Learn More About the Penalties from a West Palm Beach DUI Lawyer

If you want to know more about the penalties imposed upon a convicted DUI offender, schedule an appointment with David Olson Law!

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