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Common Marijuana Offenses

When an individual is charged with a marijuana-related crime, the amount of drugs involved will affect the severity of the charge. According to a marijuana lawyer in West Palm Beach, other factors that can impact the sternness of a criminal suit are the records of the accused and the type of alleged activity.

Where can I find a Marijuana Lawyer West Palm Beach?

How to Deal with Marijuana-Related Offenses

Common Offenses you Need to Know

Punishment for possession of marijuana is provided under the Florida Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act, otherwise known as Chapter 893 of the Florida Statutes. A marijuana lawyer in West Palm Beach can defend a client who has been charged with the following marijuana-related offenses:

  • Trafficking of marijuana
  • Delivery of cannabis
  • Cultivation of cannabis
  • Possession of cannabis with intent to sell
  • Possession of cannabis - 20 grams or more
  • Possession of marijuana - under 20 grams

Although a lot of people believe that legalizing marijuana can reduce the use of synthetic cannabinoids, synthetic opioids compounds, analog drugs, prescription drugs, and other hard drugs, proper regulation is still needed. When abuse any drug may be dangerous and cause detrimental effects.

Conviction Comes with Severe Consequences

The State of Florida has taken steps in trying to make some possession of marijuana legal to cater to the needs of those who medically need it. Although there are now laws that provide for this exception, many approved patients are still subject to certain restrictions. This is to secure and guarantee that there will only be proper consumption of medical marijuana.  

According to a marijuana lawyer in West Palm Beach, convictions for marijuana-related offenses may carry serious consequences. Once convicted, you may be sentenced to imprisonment and payment of large fines. Aside from fines and imprisonment, you may lose certain civil rights. For example: your driver’s license may be suspended, and it could cost you other ineligibilities to deny you of availing several benefits.

Where can I find a Marijuana Lawyer West Palm Beach?

Get a Marijuana Lawyer in West Palm Beach

If you’re charged with marijuana-related offenses, looking for an experienced marijuana lawyer is the first thing you should do. Bear in mind to never speak to anyone without your lawyer’s presence or consent. To contact an expert marijuana lawyer, contact David Olson Law today

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