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Avoid a DUI in Florida with These Apps

An arrest for DUI in our state is costly, and leaves you with a criminal record that will compromise your employment, housing, and other prospects.Naturally, no one wants or intends to end up with a DUI, but many times people are unaware of how impaired they are or what their blood alcohol content might be when they get behind the wheel. This is compounded by the fact that alcohol impairs judgment. Worse, even if your driving itself is not impaired, you can still be stopped at a checkpoint and placed under arrest if you’re above the legal limit.Oh, and mistakes can also be made on BAC tests, leading to charges – and sometimes even convictions – that people should never have received in the first place.Bottom line? A Florida DUI can cost thousands of dollars and strip you of your freedom, so it’s prudent to have a plan in place when you head out for a night of drinking. Thankfully, there are a number of apps that can help you with this. Here’s a rundown of some of the most helpful.

Apps to Use When You Head Out for a Night of Drinking

Apps to Use When You Head Out for a Night of Drinking

Drink Tracker or AlcoDroid. Drink Tracker (iOS) or Alcodroid (Android) helps you log alcohol consumption to stay aware of how much you’ve had to drink, and calculates your probable blood alcohol content based upon your gender, age, height and weight. It also calculates the time that your blood alcohol content is likely to be below the legal limit.The weakness of this app is that drinks must be logged manually, which is easy to neglect after you’ve had a few, or get distracted by friends or coeds at the bar. ENDUI. Like Drink Tracker, ENDUI also calculates your blood alcohol content. This app also features reflex games to test your level of impairment, although these may not be an accurate predictor of whether you’ll pass a field sobriety test. It also has features that allow you to easily call a cab or trusted contacts that you’ve entered into the app ahead of time for a ride. It includes reminders such as videos and sobering DUI facts to help you make the right choice.The interface for ENDUI is a bit clunky, so it may not be user-friendly, particularly if you’ve been drinking. Have a Plan. As the name implies, this app helps you to have a plan in place when you’re drinking. It includes features such as a blood alcohol content estimator, reflex-testing games, DWI facts, and a list of names and numbers for users to contact if they’re too impaired to drive. Additionally, this app has a “get a ride” feature that uses GPS to allow users to locate and contact taxi services. SaferRide. SaferRide is unique from some of the other apps we’ve discussed in that it’s very simple, the logic being that if you’re too drunk to drive, you’re probably too drunk to navigate a complex app.The home screen has three buttons, which enable you to get a taxi, call a friend or find your location. Although this app doesn’t have as many features, it might be a good one to download and have ready in case you drink more than you intend and become too impaired to navigate other apps. Breathometer. Breathometer is a convenient pocket breathalyzer test, which uses an external device connected through your audio jack to detect your blood alcohol content. It also gives you a time estimate for when you’ll be sober, and has a “get home safe” button that allows you to call an Uber or taxi, or reach trusted contacts who can give you a ride. Alcohoot. LIke Breathometer, Alcohoot uses an external device to calculate your blood alcohol content. Alcohoot claims to be very accurate, billing itself as a “law-enforcement grade portable breathalyzer.”The app also has algorithms such as “Morning After” to determine how you feel the next day after reaching a certain blood alcohol content, and “Smart Line” which uses learned data to recommend a blood alcohol level that allows you to catch a good buzz while staying in control. Alcohoot can also help you locate nearby restaurants to wait out the buzz, or to contact a ridesharing service. StearClear. Taxis or ride sharing apps are great for getting you home safe, but what about your car? Many times you risk being towed if you leave your car where it is overnight, especially if you’re in an urban area.StearClear is a booking app that connects you with a professional driver who will drive you and your car home. This convenient app allows users to arrange a pickup time, arrange for one-way driver services, and contact drivers through private messaging. Waze. Unfortunately, Florida has more sobriety checkpoints than any other state, so you’re very likely to get stopped at a checkpoint, particularly on holidays. The Waze app allows users to report checkpoints and other police activity. This can help you avoid the hassle and potential risks of being stopped at a sobriety checkpoint.

What If You’re Already Facing a DUI in Florida?

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The mistake most people make when charged with a DUI is to just accept the charge and deal with the consequences. A DUI conviction is serious, and can have serious and long-lasting repercussions in your life. Moreover, mistakes are made with charges all the time, and there are all kinds of defense strategies a knowledgeable Florida DUI attorney can use to help you, depending on the specific circumstances of your situation.Before you give in, at least learn what your options are. Reach out to our office as soon as possible for a free initial consultation.

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