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3 Things You Didn’t Think Could Get You Into Jail

Since kindergarten, we are told what’s right or wrong and what we should or should not do. This helps us to easily determine whether a certain act is legal or not. According to a West Palm Beach Attorney, there are simple acts that are made illegal because of their effects on the community and environment. Here are the 3 things you didn’t think could get you into jail.

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Petty Acts That Can Get You Into Jail

Peeing in Public

Most people know that they can get arrested for publicly urinating in the streets or thoroughfares. However, few only know that other possible consequences may result from the act done.

The simple act of peeing in public will get you apprehended and sometimes you’re made to pay a fine. Nonetheless, if someone particular about decency, they can file a sexual harassment suit against you. Hence, you’ll end up in jail not only because of the public urination charge.

Spitting on the Sidewalk

Just like peeing in public, spitting on the sidewalk is a small indecent act to do in public. Lawmakers made it a point to pass a law regulating this act to ensure that their constituents are disciplined and the surroundings are kept clean. Although no law enforcement will charge you for spitting on the sidewalk, it is surely something you need to be aware of to prevent getting charged for such an act.

Neglecting Taxes

It is common knowledge that not keeping with your taxes will get you into jail. However, just like peeing in public, only a few people know the severity of the consequences. Neglecting to pay your taxes can subject you to a fine of $10,000 and 30 years of imprisonment. This is why it’s always important that you don’t fall behind your tax deadlines.

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Why Is It Important To Get a West Palm Beach Attorney?

Some laws make an act illegal even though it does not cause any harm to others. With this, it’s essential that you get a hold of our professionals at David Olson Law to guarantee that your rights are protected when your get apprehended even for just a simple act.

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