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When You Should Hire A Drug Defense Attorney in West Palm Beach

If you’re charged with drug possession, it also means you broke state and federal laws. Without a drug defense attorney in West Palm Beach, you can face a much worse consequence than you would if you have one.

The severity of the sentence you may face depends on the type of drug charge you are facing. There are two types of drug possession:

While simple possession is often considered as a misdemeanor, the latter can lead to much harsher sentences. If you don’t have a criminal defense lawyer on your team, it can be almost impossible for you to at least get a plea bargain.

Why You Should Hire a Drug Defense Attorney

Before we get to the when, it’s important for you to first know the why. A criminal defense lawyer is the best person who can defend you in court. Know that the judiciary system is very complex and it takes someone who is more than familiar with the law to make a more desirable outcome for you possible.

Moreover, there are a lot of documents that need to be processed, and if you try and do it on your own, you might not even know how or where to begin. A drug defense attorney can also give you expert law advice.

If money is the issue, a drug defense attorney will actually help you save more money in the long run. With an attorney, your sentence can be greatly reduced or the case may even be dismissed.

This means less time in the court, jail and you can get back to living a normal life sooner. Time is more valuable than money. By being in the court, you are potentially risking years of your life.

To not hire an attorney is to risk years of your life without any means of protecting it. If you do hire a drug defense attorney, you trade the cost for hiring an attorney for a better chance of having your sentences reduced or the case being dismissed.

You are essentially paying to reduce jail time or to completely avoid it. By getting back on your feet sooner, you can start to earn money again. By getting to earn money sooner, you lose less money by not starting over much later.

Also, an attorney can help you reduce your time in court, which helps lower expenses.

When You Should Hire a Drug Defense Attorney

If you are facing serious drug charges, you need to hire a drug defense attorney right away. This is because it’s important for the attorney to be part of the process early to make it easier for them to make preparations and strategies.

Where You Can Find a Drug Defense Attorney in West Palm Beach

A convenient way for you to find and hire a drug defense attorney is to search for them on the internet. Look for an experienced attorney that specializes in criminal defense.

It’s important to read reviews or testimonials and to know about the track record of the attorney you are potentially going to hire. 

Now that you know how important it is to have a drug defense attorney on your side and where to find one, contact The Law Offices of David W. Olson today if you’re facing a criminal charge.

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