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Denise Mann
Denise Mann
21:27 11 Mar 19
David Olson was amazing in my son's defense. He was professional, thorough and most of all diligent in his pursuit of a fair verdict. He communicated quickly with us with answers to any questions we had. His support staff was professional as well. I am so very happy to recommend Mr. Olson to anyone in need of his services.
Jorge Martinez
Jorge Martinez
15:18 14 Feb 19
David is a very honest and caring individual. He will guide you through whatever troubles you have. He isn't an attorney who is only after money. David genuinely cares about you. He takes the time to listen. He then carefully drafts a plan.
Elizabeth Fernandez
Elizabeth Fernandez
07:59 26 Jan 19
Hiring Mr. David Olson to represent a family member that was in need of legal services was the best decision we made. Our family had fortunately never needed a criminal defense attorney, however when that dreadful time did arrive, we chose to hire Mr. David Olson. After the arrest of our family member, we were in shock and very lost. I had no where to turn to, and felt as if I was drowning in a pool of shock. The first step I took in finding legal services was to Google "Best Criminal Lawyer in Palm Beach County." Mr. Olson was the first person to come up. I called his office at 8 am the morning after the arrest of our family member. There was no answer, but the machine directed us to call Mr. Olson on his cell phone. I tried the mobile number, and he immediately picked up. After a brief background of the case, he informed me he was about to walk into court, but would call me immediately after. To my shock, he did just that. Within a few hours of my initial call, there was a face-to-face meeting with Mr. Olson at his office. His professionalism and legal knowledge was incredible. He was immediately hired. His rate was very fair, and more importantly Mr. Olson is the type of attorney who will not lie to you to make you feel better. He is a very honest attorney and will not just tell you what you want to hear. He will tell you the good, the bad, and the truth. Within hours of hiring him, he went immediately to visit the family member confined in the county jail. This was a very complicated and heart breaking criminal case. However, Mr. Olson had our complete trust. We knew that if he gave us input on a matter, it was the best way to go. After many months of being anxious, Mr. Olson. delivered a fair and what we felt was the BEST possible outcome available for our family member. There is no doubt in our mind that we chose the best attorney in Palm Beach County to represent our family member and guide the entire family during crucial times. When choosing an attorney not only is the knowledge and experience of the attorney important, but it is also important to trust and feel comfortable speaking to your attorney. Mr. Olson was truly more than an attorney to our family. He took time to reply to any message and always kept in contact (even during late night hours or when he was away for vacation.) He truly shows that he can get the job done, while showing compassion. There were many times where he called to just check in on how our family was doing. He took time to express his concern and treated our entire family as human beings. He took time to visit with our family member and made multiple trips to see him even when he was not being confined in the immediate area. Mr. Olson is not a 9-5 Monday to Friday type of attorney. He took time to address issues and concerns on the weekend. He took time away from his schedule to assist us with personal matters with our confined family member. He truly became part of our extended family and we will never see him as someone we "just hired" to represent our family member. He is truly someone who we trust and care for dearly. Even after the case closed, he took the time to remind me that he is still here for our family and our family member and he is only a phone call away. Mr. Olson is the right choice for anyone dealing with a criminal matter. You will not only retain professional legal services from him, but you will be dealing with an exceptional person who truly devotes himself 100 percent to every detail from small to large in your legal more
kartheek S
kartheek S
19:25 20 Jan 19
I met him form online search. Did the best thing of hiring him. He is excellent in his field and came to know that he is well respected in the community. Honest. communicates well and keeps updated. He got my case dismissed in 2 months. Thank you So much.
Matt Howard
Matt Howard
19:25 06 Jan 19
I was referred to David from a friend. As soon as I contacted him, he provided me with helpful insight into the legal process. After meeting in person, I decided to hire David to represent me. He is very well connected in the community and the state prosecutor’s office. David worked his magic for my case and everything was dismissed within 3 months (NO CHARGES FILED!) Communication with David throughout the entire process was very fast and helpful. I never went a day without knowing where my case stood. Highly recommended!read more
Thomas Schwerdt
Thomas Schwerdt
22:26 28 Oct 18
Best attorney in south Florida!!! I was facing multiple felony charges and David was able to get all of them dropped. No probation, no community service, no jail time. David will fight hard for you and do everything he can to get you the best possible outcome. If you ever get in any criminal trouble in Florida give David a call, he’s worth every penny!!!
Lynette Harville
Lynette Harville
03:41 29 Aug 18
With the same unwavering dedication, commitment to hard work, and legal excellence that David Olson brings to all his clients, he accepted my friend’s traffic case. Jose had been living in the US out of status and had multiple traffic infractions for driving without a license. These charges potentially could have resulted in a five-year prison sentence, a ten thousand dollar fine, and definite deportation for this father of two married to an American citizen. Mr. Olson, passionate about improving access to justice and determined to help Jose secure basic constitutional protection, worked relentlessly partnering with a local immigration attorney. Mr. Olson personally called me evenings and weekends with updates on his latest findings. The extensive information he shared with me about the case provided assurance to both Jose and his wife that his sentence most likely would entail serving a fifteen day jail sentence with one year probation and no deportation. When Jose appeared in court, the judge withheld the jail sentence and probation. Jose was fined a mere $323. and prohibited from applying for his license to be reinstated for one year. Formal accolades and honors are endless for David Olson, a leader in the legal community. Responding to every client as a dear friend, Mr. Olson respects and understands differences among clients. His positive energy is contagious as he serves his clients with confidence. Mr. David Olson is a brilliant, yet unassuming criminal defense lawyer whose devotion to client service is more
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Posted by anonymous

June 13, 2019

A+ Lawyer. Amazing Service. Look no further.

I hired David after being arrested with for possession of marijuana which in my case was actually a felony. David was very easy to speak to and really wanted to learn about me and the case as opposed to some lawyers who have a quick chat and move on. David was genuine with his words and knew the system better than anyone else I had spoken with. I highly recommend him for anyone in need. We had an extremely positive outcome for my case and it could not have been done without David. He kept me updated every step of the way with what could happen and made me feel comfortable throughout the whole process. Thank you for everything David!

Posted by brigitte

April 29, 2019

Excellent attorney

I went in for a consultation and hiring him to come in my defense for my traffic citations with my driving history might be the best thing I could’ve done. Thank you again Mr.Olson and your wonderful assistant Ginger. I would do it with you all over again. Thanks once again.

Posted by Thomas

April 29, 2019

Beyond Impressed

Hello, I am a college student that was in the wrong place at the wrong time. However, my attorney, David Olson, has put my life back on track. Not only did he get my charges lowered, he eventually managed to get all of my charges dropped. He is truly a great guy, and I 100% recommend him to everyone.

Posted by Antonio

April 20, 2019

He’s your man!!

David was very professional and personable. He showed that he cared, even though I knew I wasn’t his only case. He helped me get through my situation with the outcome that I prayed for. Well worth the investment!!

Posted by Eric

March 12, 2019

Top Notch

David Olsen ill recomend to anyone this man is super knowledgable in every aspect of the justice and judicial system he beat my case and is all around fair and genuine Thanks David for what you did for me

Posted by Denise

March 12, 2019

Amazing Attorney

I highly recommend David Olson to anyone in need of his special skills. He was professional, thorough and diligent in his pursuit of a fair verdict in my son’s case. His support staff was also wonderful in getting information to us when needed. Mr. Olson and his staff are amazing!

Posted by Luis

March 6, 2019

I HIGHLY recommend him!

I contacted David Olson on a situation where our son was charged with two felonies.
From the very beginning David proved to be the best choice we could have ever made. He was courteous, informative, personable, insightful, and knowledgeable. He showed legitimate care for our son and the case. He is not only an expert in his field but is able to create relationships across the spectrum of people he comes in contact with; that means, in and outside of the court room.
Thanks to his work – the felonies were dropped to misdemeanors, no jail time and no community service!
I HIGHLY recommend David to anyone having to deal with criminal legal matters.
He was an answer to our prayers!

Posted by anonymous

November 7, 2018


David is THE BEST! He is a highly professional and efficient Criminal Defense Attorney who will get the job done, he works with you to solve any problem. We were able to get my Disorderly Intoxication Misdemeanor & Tress-passing charge DROPPED. He knows the ins and outs, and he has the experience to quickly sort-out your case. Quick, Simple, and Relieving!

Posted by Thomas

October 29, 2018

Best criminal attorney in Palm Beach County

Best criminal attorney in Palm Beach County!! I was facing multiple felony charges that would’ve come with 11 years in prison and David got all of my Felonise dropped!!! No jail time, no probation and no community service. He will fight for you and do whatever it takes to resolve your case with the best possible outcome. He’s worth every penny!!!

Posted by John

July 7, 2018

Mission Accomplished!

After talking with David I had a very strong instinct that this was the guy that I needed to hire. I did and I was not wrong in my decision. He understood me from the very first conversation and had a great empathy for the facts of my case. I could not have asked for a better outcome after hiring David, and I am grateful for the work they did for me in saving what would have been a dreadful 2 years. If you came here looking for the right guy to work the facts and be on your side you came to the right place

Posted by anonymous

June 14, 2018

So thankful I chose him

If you are in need of help, I highly recommend giving David a call. He is very professional and will tell you how it is. No BS kind of guy. My case was dismissed.

Posted by Danny

January 10, 2018

Professional, competent and respectful

I had a free consultation with Mr. Olson personally where he spent 20-30 minutes very clearly explaining my options. I confidently hired Mr. Olson and from that point forward he responded timely to any questions I had. Mr. Olson did everything he promised and the event was successfully handled.

Posted by Kathy

December 8, 2017

The best professional law team you can find.

Looking for a lawyer is not easy tast specially if you need someone that is knowledgeable, genuine, professional and compassionate. In my case I was able to find it all with Mr Olson and his team. Highly recommended.