Individuals who had gotten themselves into trouble may be put on probation. The reason why you may be sentenced to probation is basically to keep everyone around you safe. When you intentionally break the rules of your probation you can be sent to prison. If you ever violate probation rules your best course of action is to hire a probation lawyer West Palm Beach. Let’s learn more about probation, the consequences for breaking the rules and why you need an attorney on your side.


What is Probation?


Probation is a form of punishment ordered by the court when a person is found guilty of a crime. A person under probation is still allowed to live in his or her community for as long as a probation officer supervises him or her. It is important to mention that probation is not for everyone because some are automatically sent to jail without being offered probation.


What Happens if You Violate Probation Laws?


What do you think is going to happen if you violate probation guidelines? When you violate probation laws it’s possible that the court will revoke your probation privileges and you’ll have no choice but to serve your original sentence. You will also be charged with monetary fines, serve jail time, be required to undergo extra community service time, your probation may be extended and be required to participate in rehabilitation programs.


Why Do You Need a Probation Lawyer?


If you violation probation laws it is best that you hire a probation lawyer to present your case in court. A lawyer’s expertise will help lessen the damage of the violation and give you a good chance of keeping your probation active.



Looking for a Probation Lawyer West Palm Beach?


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