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Possession of a Firearm West Palm Beach | What are the Penalties for Possession of a Firearm in Florida?

Mass shootings happen in America every year, which is why possession of a firearm West Palm Beach is illegal in Florida. According to Statue 790.23, a person with a felony conviction is not allowed to possess firearm, electric or chemical weapon or ammunition otherwise he could be convicted with second-degree felony. What happens if you get accused of possession of firearm? What are you going to do? Let’s find out more.

Will You Go To Jail For Illegal Possession of a Firearm?

What is Actual Possession and Constructive Possession?

The sentence for your crime will be determined based on whether you actually possessed the firearm or you constructively possessed it. Actually possession means the firearm was in your hands, inside a container, which you held, or close to you that you can just reach for it with your hand or under your control. Meanwhile, constructive possession means the firearm is in a particular place where you have control over it or a place where you deliberately hid it.

What are the Penalties for Possession of a Firearm? 

If you do not have a license you may be charged with 3rd degree felony and could be jailed for 5 years, 5 years probation and a total fine of $5000. In order to win this case you have to present a firearm permit. Carrying a concealed weapon (chemical weapon, tear gas) other than a firearm is considered 1st degree misdemeanor and you could be jailed up to a year with a year of probation and a fine of $1000. Possession of a firearm is considered a very serious offense, which could lead you to 15 years in prison, 15 years of probation and a total fine of about $10,000.

What to Do if You are Charged with Possession of a Firearm West Palm Beach? 

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