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El Patron and What a Domestic Violence Allegation Can Cost You


You know that if you are convicted of committing a crime, you could face serious consequences, such as jail time and expensive fines. However, time and money aren’t the only things that a crime, or even just an accusation of a crime, can cost you.


In addition to legal penalties, a criminal allegation can ruin your job, your house, your family, and your good name. When that allegation relates to domestic violence, though, the legal and personal consequences can be even more severe.


Let’s look at the recent incident involving El Patron and Paige, two professional wrestlers who were both accused of domestic violence in the Orlando International Airport.


El Patron vs. Paige


At the beginning of July, former WWE star El Patron – also known as Alberto del Rio – was being investigation by the Orlando Police Department for an alleged domestic violence act against his girlfriend Paige – a WWE wrestler – at the airport in Orlando.


Because he was under investigation and accused of domestic violence, El Patron was suspended indefinitely from Global Force Wrestling – his current employer – even though he had recently won a title naming him the World Champion. In a statement, GFW said, “Global Force Wrestling takes all legal situations very seriously,” and once the incident became public news they moved forward with the suspension.


Barely two weeks later, the Orlando PD said that El Patron was no longer under investigation for domestic violence… and that Paige was actually the one who could be charged with domestic violence battery.


In a radio interview, the two wrestlers attempted to clarify what happened at the airport. They both agree that El Patron said something rude to Paige and that she retaliated by throwing a beer at him. That led to arguing loudly in public, which resulted in the police getting involved. El Patron and Paige say it was a regular fight that couples have in public, but they do regret their actions.


Unfortunately, for El Patron, the damage had already been done; he remains suspended nearly a month after the initial incident. Although he was originally advertised as participating in GFW’s first non-televised house show in two years, he will not longer be attending. When asked about El Patron’s status, the president of GFW said, “no comment.”


If the Florida State Attorney’s Office decides to charge Paige, she will also suffer professional consequences. The WWE has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to domestic violence. If Paige is charged, she will be suspended and if she is convicted, she will then be fired. If she’s suspended, though, it will be Paige’s third suspension, which might result in being fired anyway.


Domestic Violence Criminal Penalties and Beyond


West Palm Domestic Violence Attorney


Although the situation with El Patron and Paige involves people in the public eye, a domestic violence allegation and subsequent conviction could affect you in similar ways.


Along with the criminal penalties associated with the supposed crime – jail, fines, probation, permanent criminal record, mandatory batterer’s course, loss of firearm rights, and no contact orders – the stigma surrounding a domestic violence accusation could ruin your name and, with it, your personal and professional life.


That’s why, if you’ve been accused of domestic violence, you need to fight back and reach out to an experienced Florida domestic violence attorney today to get started on protecting and defending your good name.




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