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Everyone has a past. However, if you have a record that doesn’t speak true to yours or has become a hindrance to your future, you may be able to get it expunged. Getting an expungement or sealing your record can be a great reason to contact a criminal defense lawyer in West Palm Beach. Keep reading to learn more:


What Does it Mean to Expunge a Record?


A criminal record can make it hard to move on and better your life after a mistake. It can make it hard to get a job, get a loan, and get a home. So, if you can expunge or seal your record, it’s for the better. If you deal your record, it means that it is private from the public, and only some government officials can access it. Expunging a record means that even government officials will need a court order to view.


Can I Expunge or Seal My Record?


Unfortunately, not everyone is able to expunge or seal their record. If you weren’t convicted or were able to complete a diversion program, you can most likely get an expungement. However, more serious charges, including burglary, assault, fraud, and more can make you ineligible.


Do I need a criminal defense lawyer in West Palm Beach?


Are You in Need of a Criminal Defense Lawyer in West Palm Beach?


If you’ve found yourself in a tricky situation, do not wait to contact a criminal defense lawyer in West Palm Beach. So, contact the Law Offices of David Olson to learn how our experienced team can help you.