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NOV. 9 2018
Probation Lawyer West Palm Beach | Expunge or Seal a Record
Probation Lawyer West Palm Beach | Expunge or Seal a Record

David Olson Law is here to help you get your life back on the right track. Here is some basic information on sealing or expunging a record.

Sealing and Expunging


After a criminal history is sealed, the general public will no longer have access to the record. According to Florida law, only certain government agencies will be able to view sealed information. If a court grants for your record to be expunged, it will be physically destroyed by criminal justice agencies, except the Florida Department of Law Enforcement will retain a copy. That copy is kept confidential …

JULY  26 2016
GEICO Files RICO Lawsuit in Florida
GEICO Files RICO Lawsuit in Florida
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Earlier this month, insurance giant GEICO announced that it filed a lawsuit against five companies and six individuals in Florida that are suspected of committing insurance fraud. The company stated that the defendants created fraudulent invoices and bills regarding glass repairs. GEICO claims that the payments it made to the defendants were unnecessary, as the repairs were not needed or even carried out.


GEICO wants to use this lawsuit to prove how serious the company is about its zero-tolerance policy. The company has also mentioned hopes for legislative reform regarding insurance fraud, using the lawsuit to send a message …