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JULY  2 2018
Domestic Violence Lawyer in West Palm Beach | What is It?
Domestic Violence Lawyer in West Palm Beach | What is It?

There is no shame in seeking help. You are deserving of a safe home and healthy relationships. And that’s why our domestic violence lawyer in West Palm Beach is here to help victims of domestic violence in Florida. In order to take action, we must define the accusation. So, keep reading to learn more about how Florida law defines domestic violence:


How Common is Domestic Violence?


Any domestic violence in Florida is too much domestic violence. But, unfortunately, there are thousands of reported cases every year. In 2015, in Florida alone, there were 107,666 reported acts of …

AUG. 11 2016
Understanding Domestic Violence Injunctions
Understanding Domestic Violence Injunctions


If you have been issued a domestic violence injunction, you may feel like you are walking on eggshells; you fear that you are going to be arrested just for going about your daily routine or visiting your favorite coffee shop. You may be confused as to how you were put in this position in the first place, or what a domestic violence injunction even does.


By understanding the power and penalties around domestic violence injunctions, you will be able to move forward, stay out of trouble, and even reverse the order in the future.


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